Solid Edge


Solid Edge for Design

Solid Edge is a complete, easy-to-access, affordable, intuitive tools 3D CAD System that uses synchronous Technology for accelerated design, faster revision, and better-imported reuse that helps companies design well.

Solid Edge for Manufacturing

Solid Edge CAM Pro, has an entire range of Machining solutions from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining. The solutions enable you to address all types of CNC machining requirements and provide the right tools to manufacture today's products.

Solid Edge 2D Nesting generates optimized layouts for the two-dimensional cutting of fabrication material, including sheet metal, plastic, wood, fabric and textiles

Solid Edge – Technical Publication

Solid Edge technical publications solutions allow designers to quickly create many types of technical documents

Solid Edge – Simulation

Siemens Solid Edge Simulation software provides design engineers with powerful tools to digitally validate designs, allowing them to build better products in less time by frontloading the simulation process.

Simcenter FLOEFD™ for Solid Edge® delivers the industry’s leading computa-tional fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool for fluid flow and heat transfer.

Solid Edge – Electrical

Solid Edge Electrical Routing, a dedicated, process-driven environment for the efficient creation, routing, and organization of wires, cables, and bundles in a mechanical assembly.